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UNIBANKS is a fully integrated, multi-currency retail banking system based on a specialized component
modules that support a wide range of banking business functions. A fully integrated bank-wide system, handling all business functions by one system presents you with several important benefits.
All accounts, transactions and balance sheets revolve around the customer information. Its centralized and customer focused design offers a complete set of integrated retail banking system.
UNIBANKS offers simplicity of operation and Maintenance with low cost. The only one source program cover to service to branches, internet banking and call centers.It enable to improve efficiency, reduce overheads and ensure enhanced service levels and security.
The UNIBANKS architecture was designed based on good experiences and practices from world wide banking projects.
UNIBANKS will able you to meet the challenges of proven and international standard banking solution.
UNIBANKS delivers real-time online operation in all the banking products and transactions it handles throughout your network. This is the highest standard of operational management and conforms to the new Basel II agreement.