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UNIBANKS is a fully integrated international banking solution and a multi-modular system, suitable for all countries and banking business.
UNIBANKS combines core banking, consumer Finance, corporate banking, and internet firm banking in an integrated system that is able to process high volumes of transaction in multi-branch environments.
Standardization of product management was materialized based on the Parameter driven method accommodating diverse requirements of each bank.
UNIBANKS is designed based on components and has advancement of technologies, especially the increase of electronic commerce and web technologies. Enhanced, from the a simple branch-based delivery model to multi channel environment for expand the availability of the products and services channels.
UNIBANKS allows selection of system configuration as Windows NT, LINUX and UNIX depending on the banks transaction volumes.
UNIBANKS supports to handle the transaction with different currencies and real time posting for Position evaluation. And provides multi B/S and P/L reports based on currencies.
UNIBANKS designed to support multi languages, so it is easy to design the screen or report in local language of the relevant country.
UNIBANKS is designed based on Parameter-Driven and modularized design method for country specification and functional units. Advantages of modularized design are as below :

Amending application due to environmental change is dramatically decreased, and any changes can
  be promptly coped with by adjusting unit component.
In case of developing a new product, it can be immediately operated by registering parameter and
  adding a few components.
Each component is Plug & Play oriented, so that it is easy to operate and maintain.
Exceptional reusability, expandability and flexibility in business.
UNIBANKS is designed based on rule base method. So it is easy to apply for a new business rule and product to the system by simple changing of the data from a screen as below :