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UNI-Finance system cover the entire consumer finance business such as car finance, housing loan and personal loan. And horizontal integrated with UNI-Core system. This means that all staff of the bank work on the same system and only one integrated system is used. Horizontal integration ensures that the system is closed, data are entered once, the same data are shared by each staff, the system is transparent and data are consistent.
The car dealer and agent can makes the deal transactions to the UNI-Finance system via Dealer / Agent module from his office. This system provide automatic approval for them with no human judgement and handled by the system.
UNI-Finance system is designed based on rule base method. So It is easy to create the products by simple changing of the data from a screen.
Finance system covers the whole business process of finance business from front office to back office.
Finance business transactions will be validated and control by rule conditions which was set rule base from product management functions.
The system support for on-line real time application data entry via dealer module and auto approval by system.
Main functions cover loans consulting and application, approval, execution, repayment, period management and notice to customers, follow-up control, credit management, credit limit management, collateral management, and guarantor management, etc.

UNI-Finance is designed based on rule base method so finance products and contracts will be
control by rule parameters. The contract conditions and documentation check rule for each product are setting by parameters separately.These rules and parameters for the products are composed of about 40 items. It is easy to apply for new business rule and product to the system by simple changing of the rules parameters from product management screens as below:

UNIBANKS system has only one collateral management system, so the corporate loan and consumer finance business are sharing the same collateral management system.
In case of Car Finance business, The basic collateral is the car itself and this information will automatically register in collateral system in application phase.

Functionality of collateral management for Consumer Loan Business

Atuo Registeration of Car Collateral
Other Collateral Registeration
Appraisal and Pledge
Registeration and deposit of ownership card for Car Finance
Insurance Monitoring
Guarantor management
Appraisal institution management