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UNI-Core is a main sub system of the UNIBANKS and cover essential business for the bank for wholesale, Retail, and Investment.
UNI-Core composed of Common service, Customer information, General ledger, Corporate loan, Deposit and Foreign exchange business module.

Common service business module
Common Service means function of development and management of the information and function of calculating commonly used by each unit business. Main Functions cover calculation of commission, interest, management of holidays by country, exchange rate management, user information, and bank information.

General Ledger business module
General Ledger covers management of accounting (G/L group), management of cash/other banks checks,
daily closing business, settlement of accounts, management of average balance. Suspense account management, and inter-bank management, etc..
Management of accounting is to newly create, change, or abolish account code for entries in account, account code for local reporting, and account code for reporting to the head office.
Management of cash/other banks checks is to manage and inquire the transaction records and balance of cash/other banks checks by user while the daily closing function is to verify the balance by user when the daily business is closed.

Deposit business module
Deposits handles all kinds of deposit account management and all transactions for retail banking business, it interfaces a lot with other sub business. Types of deposit include savings (ordinary) deposit, current deposit, savings deposit, time installment deposit, time deposit, temporary deposit, and banks checks, etc.
Account is opened for each type of deposits and, if necessary, the previous account number of old system may be used.
For deposit transaction, not only the deposit over the counter, but also Center cut transaction, external interface and deposit in interface with other business, and multiple account deposit can be made.

Corporate Loans business module
Corporate Loans covers for all necessary functions from loan consulting to problem loan managements.
Loan information on Group-affiliated companies is organized in such a way as to enable the credit limit management and applications and approvals for loans can be transmitted to the head office.
Main functions cover loans consulting and application, approval, execution, interest, repayment, schedule management and notice to customers, problem loan management, credit management, credit limit management, collateral management, and guarantor management, etc.

Trade Finance business module
Trade Finance provides support for the function of import/export, Reimbursement, export/import financing, and composing SWIFT electronic messages necessary for export/import business.
It not only handles export/import transaction on-line, but also handles automatically the credit limit management in interface with loans service.
It provides support for the function by which various methods of collecting commission by transaction, customer can be developed to enable the automatic calculation and receipt thereof.

Customer Information business module
Customer Information Service covers a general information management in respect of customers.
Customer can conduct transaction with the bank only if the registration as customer of the relevant branch precedes such transaction.
As customer information service is controlled by bank based so the customer number will be assigned by head office. And it is easy to management for the credit limit based on customer number.

Foreign Exchange business module
Foreign Exchange Service covers remittance and foreign currency exchange.
When each business transaction is input, the account handling is automatically completed. Therefore, a separate input in general ledger is not necessary.
It is possible to handle business in interface with deposit account and Inter bank account and operation is simplified and work efficiency is enhanced.
If input and approval are completed for each process, SWIFT electronic messages are made to be generated and dispatched automatically.